KeyStar Corp. is the digital home for sports betting, eSports, and Fintech solutions. With brands such as ZenSports, Ultimate Gamer, and Burstive, KeyStar is powering the future of global high-growth markets in entertainment and financial technology.


Mobile entertainment platform with a suite of sports betting solutions: Traditional sports book. Peer-to-Peer sports betting. Deposit funds instantly and wager in cryptocurrencies (fiat betting is also available).

Ultimate Gamer

Competitive online and live eSports competitions. Where the world comes to play.® Gamers can create, play in, and watch eSports tournaments. Both free-to-play tournaments and tournaments offer real prize money for the winners. Full suite of tournament software features for enterprise brands that want to drive loyalty and content.


Digital currencies, payments, trading, rewards, and NFTs. Your home for DeFi (fiat fintech solutions also available). Robust API to accept cryptocurrencies for your business. Trade into and out of cryptocurrencies using our trading exchange. Create rewards cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs to drive loyalty and branding.

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